6 Strategies for Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Your Relationship

Sexual intimacy refers to intimacy or closeness between people during sexual activity or surrounding their sex life. When two people are sexually intimate, they are able to express their emotional and physical connection to one another through a wide range of physical, sexual and emotional behaviours during sex and outside the bedroom.

It is important to know that sexual closeness might mean different things to different people and can look different from one couple to another. However, I have learnt that couples with a high level of sexual intimacy in their relationship have built this through communication, emotional openness and vulnerability on a foundation of trust.

Here are Six things you can do to improve sexual intimacy in your relationship;

  1. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner. It’s essential to discuss your desires, needs, and boundaries with your partner. This can include discussing consent, sexual preferences, and any concerns or fears you may have. Open communication can help to foster trust and intimacy, and it can also help to prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
  2. Take the time to explore your own sexual desires and needs. Understanding your own sexuality is an essential step in being able to communicate effectively with your partner. Self-exploration can also help you to become more confident and comfortable in your sexual experiences. Knowing yourself sexually makes it easier for your partner also to get to know your sexuality.
  3. Another key component of sexual intimacy is the ability to be present and fully engaged in your sexual experiences. The ability to be present is also referred to and known as mindfulness. This means not just being physically present but also being emotionally and mentally present and fully invested and engaged in the experience. You can improve your mindfulness skills by meditating for 5-10 minutes a day. This will give you an understanding of what it means to be present.
  4. Prioritise emotional intimacy and connection. It’s easy to get caught up in the physical aspects of sex. However, it’s important to remember that emotional intimacy and connection are just as important. Taking the time to connect emotionally with your partner can help to deepen your bond and improve your sexual experiences.
  5. Be willing to make eye contact during sex or engage in sex positions that put you face-to-face with your partner. Making and maintaining eye contact during sex can help you be more present during sex and can also make your partner feel seen.
  6. Engage in longer foreplay every now and then. This is especially important for busy couples because sometimes they have little time to have sex, let alone long foreplay. However, lots of couples report feeling less satisfied and sexually intimate when they skip foreplay. 

What we need to remember before building deeper sexual intimacy is the general quality of the emotional connection in the relationship. If you’re struggling with building an emotional connection or sexual intimacy, please feel free to contact me, I can help you and your partner work through issues that may have prevented you from having a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

I wish you all the best.

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