Why do I keep Prematurely Ejaculating? 

Men of all ages are susceptible to the sexual problem known as Premature Ejaculation (PE) or Early Ejaculation. It is characterised by an inability to suppress or postpone Ejaculation. This at times can lead to sexual encounters that might be uncomfortable or unsatisfying for both partners. 

There are so many factors potentially causing Premature Ejaculation, including psychological, physical or biological, and lifestyle choices.

Some of the most common psychological causes of PE include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, stress, body image issues, relationship problems, and past sexual trauma history. One of the primary ways they might contribute to early Ejaculation is through experiencing performance anxiety. When a man is anxious about his performance, he might jump quickly to penetrative sex because he fears losing his erection; this usually pushes his arousal level too high too soon, resulting in premature Ejaculation. 

Hormonal dysregulation, nerve damage, and illnesses like diabetes and prostate issues can all be biological causes of premature Ejaculation as well. It has been reported that some antidepressants, for example, might cause PE as a side effect.

Premature Ejaculation may also be influenced by lifestyle choices such as excessive drinking and drug use, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s important to remember that PE can be caused by a combination of reasons. Therefore, a comprehensive medical and sexological evaluation is needed to assess and identify the underlying causes of ED. In every situation, your therapist and healthcare provider takes the specific cause of premature Ejaculation into account. They then adjust the course of treatment according to the causes of PE.

I would like you to feel encouraged and supported in addressing your problem with Early Ejaculation. Please remember that sex therapy, couple therapy, behavioural techniques, and sometimes medication are all available as treatment choices.

I wish you all the best.

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