Sex therapy is an innovative and specialised area of counselling, where the focus of a counselling session surrounds the client’s sexuality and intimacy.

What is sex therapy/counselling? (Also referred to as sexuality counselling)

Sex therapy/counselling is an innovative and specialised area of counselling where the focus of a counselling session surrounds the client’s sexuality and intimacy. Sex therapists have knowledge that allows them to rise above their own personal opinions or experiences to provide unbiased insights and inspired treatment plans that specifically address their client’s needs and challenges.

My holistic approach to sex therapy is a combination of counselling, psychotherapy and behavioural techniques. The main goal during the counselling session is to help my clients tune into their own and/or their partner’s intimacy needs, assist them in overcoming their sexual concerns, change maladaptive relational or sexual patterns and enrich the intensity and quality of their erotic experience.

Common reasons my clients contact me include: 

Low or lack of sexual desire/libido
Low or lack of sexual arousal
Orgasm difficulties
Sexual pain in both women and men (i.e. Vaginismus)
Erectile unpredictability (also referred to as Erectile Dysfunction)
Early ejaculation (also referred to as Premature Ejaculation)
Ejaculation difficulty (late or inhibited ejaculation)
Lack/diminished sensation during sex
Sexual desire discrepancy between couples
Sexual issues that develop after a major event (i.e. childbirth, surgery, cancer, birth trauma)
Sex and aging for both women and men (i.e. sex after menopause for both partners)
Sexual trauma (i.e. Childhood Sexual Abuse) 
Sexual Intimacy
Infidelity and the aftermath of an affair
Shame and Sexuality
Sex and porn addiction
Kink, BDSM, and Fetishes
Sexual identity

Or, they might want to explore their sexuality and:

Learn new techniques
Learn new ways of communicating about sex
Enhance sexual confidence, pleasure, or intimacy
Explore sexual and gender identity
Explore Open and Polyamorous relationship

There are many sexual concerns that can be resolved through sex therapy, which are not listed above. Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email address listed here to discuss your concerns and to see if sex therapy is the right fit for you.

How do I approach sex therapy?

I have come to realise that many challenges my clients face in their sexual explorations are multifaceted. Therefore, integrated and multidisciplinary treatment is essential when working with sexual and relationship challenges. For this reason, I employ an integrative approach to sex therapy, incorporating sexology as well as counselling and psychotherapy. This is unique, comprehensive and multidimensional. It also means that attention is paid to all your concerns in order to formulate a unique and creative treatment to your specific situation. This treatment opens up new and exciting possibilities and helps you to achieve your desired goals.

Each session is a confidential and non-judgmental counselling session that’s carefully orchestrated in order to increase your insight and awareness about your specific sexual concern. The therapeutic atmosphere has been designed for you to feel completely safe and candid in talking about what has brought you to my office.

Over the course of therapy, the immediate and deep-rooted causes underlying your concerns will begin to become apparent. The dynamic interplay between counselling and psychotherapy, behavioural techniques and educational approaches are designed to pave the way for you to achieve your desired outcomes and gradually shape your sexual attitudes, values and behaviours towards your goals in your erotic journey.

You can learn more about my background by checking the about me section of this website.