Formal qualifications

Bachelor in midwifery
Master of Sexology (Curtin University)
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Edith Cowan University)
Registered Clinical Counsellor with PACFA
(Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)
Clinical Psychosexual Therapist with the Society of Australian Sexologists

Further Professional Developments, Qualifications, and Specialisations in Recent Years

ADHD and Sexuality, 2023
Working with Non-Monogamy, 2023
Grief and Loss, 2022
Genito Pelvic Pain/penetrative disorder, 2022
Treating Affair and Trauma Using Gottman Method, 2021
Couples and Addiction Recovery Using Gottman Method 2021
Gottman Method of Couple Therapy Level 3, 2021
Working With Aftermath of an Affair using Gottman Method, 2020
Working With Attachment in Couple Therapy 2020
Working With Aftermath of an Affair using Gottman Method, 2020
Enhancing Couples’ Intimacy after Infidelity, 2020
Gottman Method of Couple Therapy Level 2, 2019
Gottman Method of Couple Therapy Level 1, 2019
Working with Couples with Different Sexual Expectations, 2019
Trauma Counselling Skills, 2019
Schema Therapy, 2018
Couples and Family Therapy, 2017
Family Therapy, 2017
Couples and Family Therapy, 2017
Working with Methamphetamine using Clients, 2017
Trauma and the Brain, 2016
Grief and Loss, 2016
Trauma and Couple Therapy, 2016
Working with Domestic Violence, 2016
Couple Counselling and Domestic Violence, 2016
Grief and Loss, 2016

About Me

I bring a rich tapestry of knowledge to the field of sexuality, informed by my diverse experiences in midwifery, sexology, counselling, and psychotherapy.

My journey began in midwifery, where I supported many individuals through the transformative phases of pregnancy and birth, igniting my interest in how sexuality plays a crucial part in both personal well-being and nurturing relationships. My dedication to understanding human sexuality propelled me into a career dedicated to sexual health across various organizations, enriching my experience with a tapestry of client stories.

Further education was a natural progression, and with my Master’s Degree in Sexology, my perspective on human behaviour and its nuances expanded. My expertise was further refined with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy under the tutelage of esteemed academics.

These days, I am excited to merge my practical and academic insights in sexology, counselling, and psychotherapy into a distinctive therapeutic style. My unique lens on sex therapy and relationship counselling is shaped by an appreciation for the vast spectrum of human sexuality and the intricate web of challenges it presents. My approach is not just rooted in an expansive cultural understanding but also anchored in scientific discipline.

At my practice, individuals/couples seeking to navigate the complexities of relationships, intimacy, or sexual matters will find a supportive environment conducive to growth and self-discovery. I am committed to offering a sanctuary for transformation, helping you forge meaningful connections, and guiding you towards the fulfilling relationships you aspire to have.