Transform Your Relationship Through Marathon Couple Therapy

Marathon couple therapy offers a more intensive and effective alternative to traditional couple therapy. With longer, more frequent sessions, this approach aims to address deep-seated issues and facilitate lasting change in a shorter period of time. As a couple therapist, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable benefits of marathon therapy. 

Let me delve deeper into the process and shed light on its potential.

My approach to couple therapy integrates the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also weave in principles from psychodynamic psychotherapy and my specialized training in sexology.

I offer this short-term, intensive program that spans 2 consecutive days, focusing on moving couples swiftly through their current crises or ongoing issues. It’s designed for immediate impact rather than as a long-term therapy solution.

Preparation and Commitment:

Upon deciding to participate, I advise couples to “declare a ceasefire” on current issues, marking the start of their commitment to rebuilding their relationship. This period allows for a mental and emotional break, setting the stage for constructive work during the therapy sessions.

Assessment Process:

Prior to the marathon day, I conduct thorough assessments using written and online questionnaires. The online questionnaire is a 2-hour online survey called the Gottman Relationship Health Check-up. I also emailed you the written questionnaire in Word format; I would ask both of you to take your time, answer each question thoroughly, and return it to me separately. I request these to be returned at least 10 days in advance, enabling me to formulate a detailed treatment plan and address any preliminary questions. 

Session Structure:

Each day involves 7 hours of therapy sessions, interspersed with short breaks and lunch breaks at mid-day.

Where is Marathon Couple Therapy conducted?

I conduct all my sessions in my practice in Mount Lawley, in a beautiful character house.

What is the investment?

A Marathon Therapy program currently costs $4500 in total, and the package includes:

– A therapist with significant experience and comprehensive training in the Gottman Method for couples counselling.

– Seven hours of dedicated and structured therapy daily

– A comprehensive assessment using the Gottman Relationship Check-Up.

– A comprehensive guide featuring all the strategies pertinent to your relationship. This ensures you have the resources to maintain these practices post-therapy, including techniques for conflict management, resolving persistent issues, effective communication of needs, and enhancing connection and intimacy.

Private Health insurance coverage:

I work with Bupa, Medibank, AHM, St Luke’s Health, Police Health, GMHBA, Westfund, Emergency Services Health, Phoenix Health, HCF, CUA Health and Teachers Union Health. The rebates available will depend on your health funds. 

Limitations and Suitability:

I do not conduct marathon couple therapy;

– Marathon Couples’ Therapy might not be suitable if either or both partners are actively struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, as perceived by either partner.

– The therapy may not be effective in situations where there is significant violence within the relationship, including threats of serious violence by either partner or if there is a fear of such violence.

– It is not recommended if either partner is currently dealing with an untreated major mental health condition such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or recurrent psychotic depression. However, this does not apply to historical episodes that have been successfully treated, such as post-partum depression with psychosis.

– The therapy might not be beneficial if there is a current, undisclosed affair. Keeping such secrets can often lead to the failure of marital therapy.

– The program is also not suitable if there is an ongoing affair that one partner is unwilling to end unless both parties are open to discussing the possibility of an open relationship.

– Finally, this therapy is not advised if either partner is experiencing suicidal thoughts or if there is a history of severe self-harm or harm to others.


Following the Marathon couple therapy, you have the option of accessing ongoing sessions face-to-face or via Zoom consultation.

Marathon couple therapy allows couples to delve deeply into their issues and actively work through them in real time. It is also helpful for couples who want to access sex therapy and relationship counselling in Perth.

For those willing to invest the time and effort, marathon therapy serves as an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing communication, fortifying relationships, and building a brighter future together. However, it is important to know that marathon therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Please feel free to contact me to determine whether this approach is suitable for you and your partner. 

I wish you all the best.

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